Smt. K S Sindhu
Chief Executive

Kerala Tailoring Workers Welfare Fund Board has constituted for the welfare of registered tailoring workers, in the year 14.06.1994 as per the Government Gazett Notification No: 10784/Leg/C3/92/Law. A tailoring Worker once registered as a members under this board he/she should remit Rs. 240 (Rs.20/- per month) as subscription to the board.This board has been giving retirement benefits to registered tailoring workers to them once they attain at the age of sixty years; along with boards contribution clubed with the whole contribution remitted by the member. Also each retired member is entitled for the benefit of Rs. 1000/- per month as pension. Board has also envisaged and implemented various benefits schemes to all active members, like marriage benefits, maternity benefits, educational scholarship, cash awards, treatment benefits, death benefits, family pension, disability pension etc., Under this board about 7 Lakhs members has registered till now through all the 14 districts of Kerala. The board is giving pension benefits to approximately 43000 retired workers. In an year an amount of Rs. 52 Crores has been distributing as pension alone. In the last five year itself this board has given 110 crores as other various benefits to the members. In the coming years this will naturally increase.

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